Innovation and uncertainty

Innovation can’t be forced. It needs to be nurtured and developed carefully.

We run startup weekends that take you from having an idea right through to forming hypotheses about how to test that idea in a market.  We use the well-known Lean Startup template developed by Eric Reis to structure the weekend and give the participants a tool to help them work with their ideas.

When ideas are in flight there are also a number of techniques to give you the feedback you need to make informed decisions about what to keep doing, and what to stop doing.

As well as these public events we can run intrapraneur (as in internal entrepreneur) events for you and your staff, building on our experience in this field.  Past attendees have used the template in their day jobs to great effect.


If only things always went to plan. We would never have to deal with uncertainty. There are several visualisation methods that allow you to explore what to do in the face of the unexpected, and also to control how you spend your effort when creating new ideas and products. We will work with you using these methods to help you come up with strategies that will help you navigate the uncertain.