Revolutionise Your Team Performance with Lean Thinking

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I have completely altered both the work I do and the way I work.

Do you want to:

  • Improve communication
  • Improve the quality of your product or service
  • Meet every realistic deadline

If you answered yes to any of these questions join us for a practical, hands on workshop that offers you:

  • Ideas to take away and implement
  • A route to continuous improvement that starts from where you are now

Previous attendees said:

  • I have completely altered both the work and the way I work
  • The impact value far outweighs the cost


This is a day long workshop where you will discover how lean thinking can help businesses. The emphasis throughout the workshop will be on doing rather than watching presentation slides.

Constancy of purpose

It will open with an exercise that helps the participants identify Constancy of Purpose that they will use to inform decision making. It is framed around finding three sentences that identify who your customers are, what problem they have, and how you delight them with its solution.

Smarter work organisation

A practical exercise designed to:

  • Demonstrate flow, bottlenecks and waste
  • Demonstrate how to visualise work
  • Introduce Kanban for managing complex processes

We will work with these ideas, discussing what we can see and how it would affect us in “real life”.


Practical exercises, discovering ways to

  • Improve communication
  • Managing expectations
  • Problem solve

Feedback loops

Retrospectives and reflective practice.

Being a change agent

In the concluding part of the day we will work with the thorny problem of introducing change without alienating people.

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